Im-moo-tators of the cow parade idea

Street art which imitate the cow parade idea.  From Angles to Whales, large painted creates have been displayed in scores of cities around the world.

A Community of Angels  (Angels @ Los Angeles, CA)
Animal Scramble (Animals @ Rochester, NY
Belfast Bears (Bears @ Belfast)
Beasties on Parade (Beasties @ Milwaukee, WS)
Herd About Buffalo (Buffalo @ Buffalo, NY)
The Utah Buffalo Roundup (Buffalo @ Salt Lake City, UT)
CaribouFest (Caribou @ Caribou, Maine)
Around Town Carousels Abound (Carousel Horses @ Meridian, MS)
Chairs On Parade (Chairs @ Hickory, North Carolina)
Cavalcade of Cod (Cod @ Boston, MA)
Deer on Parade (Deer @ Finger Lakes, NY)
Dinos on Parade (Dinosaurs @ Martinsville, VA)
Dolphins on Parade  (Dolphins @ Florida Keys)
Ducks on Parade (Duck @ Eugene, OR)
Party Animals (Donkeys & Elephants @ Washington DC)
Corn-on-the-Curb (Ears of Corn @ Bloomington, IL)
Elk on Parade (Elk @ Elk Grove, CA.)
The Ewe Review (Ewe @ Rochester, MI)
Festival of Fins (Fish @ New Orleans)
Go Fish (Fish @ Richmond, VA)
Go Fish (Fish @ Erie, PA)
Flamingos on the Beach (Flamingos @ Miami FL)
Gators On The Geaux (Gators @ Lake Charles, LA)
-Guitar Mania (Guitar @ Cleveland, OH) Guitar Mania Merchandise
Saginaw Hareitage Society (Hares @ Saginaw, MI)
Ponies on Parade (Horses @ Arlington Heights, IL)
Horse Fever (Marion County, FL)
Horse Mania (Horses @ Lexington, KY)
Search for the Wild Dala (Horses @ Lindsborg, KS)
Trail of Painted Ponies (Horses @ Santa Fe, NM) Painted Ponies Merchandise
Beacons By The Sea (Lighthouses @ Altantic City, NJ)
Lions in Jerusalem (Lions @ Jerusalem, Israel))
Lizards on the Loose (Lizards @ Orlando, FL)
Mermaids on Parade (Mermaids @ Norfork, VA)
Mr. Potato Head Campaign (Mr. Potato Head @ Providence RI)
Moose in the City (Moose @ Toronto, Ontario)
Moose on the Loose (Moose @ Whitefish, MT)
Overalls All Over (Overalls @ Cedar Rapids, IA)
The People Project (People @ St. Louis, MO)
Big Pig Gig (Pigs @ Cincinnati, OH) Big Pig Gig Merchandise
Pigs on Parade (Pigs @ Seattle, WA)
Path of the Bighorn (Sheep@ Palm Desert, CA)
Peanuts on Parade (Snoopy @ Saint Paul, MN) Peanuts On Parade Merchandise
Palmetto Tree Project (Steel trees @ Columbia, SC)
March of the Teddy Bears (Teddy bears @ Kansas City, MO)
Wolves on Parade (Wolves @ Kankakee County, IL)
Raleigh Red Wolf Ramble (Wolves @ Raleigh, North Carolina)
Whale Mania Maui (Whales @ Maui, HI)

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