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F100 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
F-22 - Chicago, IL
Fabulous Moo Palma - Houston, TX
Facing the Future - New York City, NY
Fairly Bovine - San Antonio, TX
Fairy Cow - Isle of Man, UK
Fairy Fresian, Fire & Fauna - Ireland
Fake for the Animal's Sake - New York City, NY
Fall Kowmooflage - Portland, OR
Falling Cow - Harrisburg, PA
Falling Leaves - Las Vegas, NV
Falling Udder - New York City, NY
FAMILY COW - Prague, Czech Republic
Family Fair - West Hartford, CT
Family Fun Cow - Chicago, IL
Famous Feet - Madison, WI
Fancy Cow - New York City, NY
Fangor - Warsaw, Poland
Fanny,the Fenway Park Cow - Boston, MA
Fantastico - Mexico City
Fantasy Cow - New York City, NY
Fantázia v modrom - Bratislava, Slovakia
FANTAZIE V MODRÉM - Prague, Czech Republic
Fantomkänsla - Stockholm, Sweden
Farm in Zoo - Chicago, IL
Farm-A-Suited Cow - Harrisburg, PA
Farmer Cow - West Hartford, CT
Farmer's Market - Madison, WI
Farmooo - South Africa
Fashion - New York City, NY
Fashion Cow - Kansas City, MO
Fashion Cow - New York City, NY
Fashion Jersey - New York City, NY
Fashion Moovers - Manchester, UK
Fashionabull - West Hartford, CN
Fast Moover - Isle of Man, UK
Father Christmoos - West Hartford, CN
Fauna Folly - Madison, WI
Faux Cow - Houston, TX
Fazendinha - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Fear No Art - Denver, CO
Feed Me Knowledge Not Grass - Manchester, UK
Felipa, Cypress Hills Community School Cow - New York City, NY
Ferg - Stamford, CN
Fern - Chicago, IL
Ferreri's cow - Florence, Italy
Ferti-Liza - Telemart, Norway
Fescue. - Chicago, IL
Fetuttini Cow - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fidelcow - West Hartford, CN
Field Goals - West Hartford, CN
Field Trip - West Orange, NJ
Fiesta - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fiestas Patrias - Houston, TX
Fifty-Moo-Eighty - Denver, CO
Film Star - Prague, Czech Republic
Find Your Inner Cow - Ireland
Finding NeMOO - West Hartford, CT
Fine Wine Bovine - Las Vegas, NV
Finland - Prague, Czech Republic
Fireman Boot Cow - Las Vegas, NV
First Class Cow - Isle of Man, UK
First Date - New York City, NY
First Folio Bovine - Atlanta, GA
Fish Cow - New York City, NY
Fish Kow - Portland, OR
Fitness Cow - Bucharest, Romania
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on a Cow - Houston, TX
Flags - New York City, NY
Flamen-cow - Houston, TX
Flaming Cow - Houston, TX
Flash Cow - London, UK
Flat Cow - Tokyo, JP
Flatland Trout - Kansas City, MO
Flavor of the Day - Madison, WI
Flo - Portland, OR
Flora Dora - Madison, WI
Flora Fiesta Flambeauvine - San Antonio, TX
Florica - Bucharest, Romania
Flossie The Floral Blue Cow - Kansas City, MO
Flossie the Mooth Fairy - West Hartford, CT
Flower Cow - Boston, MA
Flower Cower - Bratislava, Slovakia
Flower Cow-er - Manchester, UK
FLOWER COWER - Prague, Czech Republic
Flower Lover Cow - Stockholm, Sweden<
Flower Power Cow - New York City, NY
Flower Power Cow-ard - New York City, NY
Flower, A Cow by Any Other Name - Harrisburg, PA
Flowers - London, UK
Flying Moochine - Manchester, UK
Focus - Buenos Aires, Argentina
FOOTBALL COW - Prague, Czech Republic
For Every New Year - New York City, NY
For Whom The CowBell Tolls - Atlanta, GA
Forecowddie - Houston, TX
Forever - Monte Carlo
Formula - Bratislava, Slovakia
Forum for Moo - Manchester, UK
Fotokrava na ceste - Bratislava, Slovakia
FOTOKRAVA NA CESTĚ - Prague, Czech Republic
Fotosíntese - Belo Horizonte
Fountainhead - West Hartford, CT
Four Alarm Cow - New York City, NY
Four Seasons - Houston, TX
Four-Alarm Cow - Kansas City, MO
France - Prague, Czech Republic
Francesca the Biomechanical Kow - Portland, OR
Frank Loin Wright - Madison, WI
Freda - Manchester, UK
Fredsku - Telemart, Norway
Free Form Cow - Chicago, IL
Free your mind and your ass will follow - Florence, Italy
Freedom Cow - Atlanta, GA
French Can Cow - Monte Carlo
French Moodle - Houston, TX
Fresco - New York City, NY
Fresh From the Cow - Madison, WI
Fresh Milk - Atlanta, GA
Fresh Milk - Kansas City, MO
Fresh Milk - New York City, NY
Fresian Freezer - Ireland
Frida Cowl - Mexico City
Frida Cow-l - Mexico City
Frida Cowlo - San Antonio, TX
Frida Stare - Houston, TX
Frida Stare - New York City, NY
Frida y Dieg - Mexico City
Friends - Kansas City, MO
Friendship Cow - Ireland
Froken Smoothie - Telemart, Norway
From a Cow's Point of View - Harrisburg, PA
From Moo to You - Harrisburg, PA
Front Range - Denver, CO
Fruits of Summer - Chicago, IL
Fun-COW-DeLiC - Chicago, IL
Fundamental Cow - Chicago, IL
Funseekers - Houston, TX - Manchester, UK
Fuxiqueira - Belo Horizonte
Fyreskyra - Telemart, Norway

Fabulous Moo Palma - Houston, TX

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