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I ate too much of cauliflower. - Prague, Czech Republic
I Cow - New York City, NY
I LIKE PUDDLE - Prague, Czech Republic
I love BA - Buenos Aires, Argentina
I Love Dublin City - Ireland
I Love Man - Isle of Man, UK
I Love Moo - London, UK
I Love New York - New York City, NY
I Love New York Cow - New York City, NY
I Love Norwegian Cowntry - Telemart, Norway
IC Polo Cow - Houston, TX
Ice Cream Lover - Houston, TX
IceCow - Stockholm, Sweden
Ici-Cow - Madison, WI
Icing - West Orange, NJ
Icon-o-Cow - New York City, NY
Identifying. - Chicago, IL
Identity Crisis - Denver, CO
Idiotas no me mate - Mexico City
If You Want to be a Moosaic Just Come Along With Me - Madison, WI
ILLUMINATA - The Bovine Bibliophile - Manchester, UK
Illumoonata - Portland, OR
Iluminada - Buenos Aires, Argentina
I'm Houston Cowed - Houston, TX
I'm Not Dead Yet - New York City, NY
Image Cow. - Chicago, IL
Imaginative ChildHOOD - West Hartford, CN
Imaqandakacilo ebafazibaphikicala - South Africa
iMoo - New York City, NY
Imperial Heifer - Manchester, UK
Impressiomooism; Arches Over the River - Harrisburg, PA
In Disguise. - Chicago, IL
In Lurve with you - Barcelona, Spain
IN NATURAM - Prague, Czech Republic
In The Moood - Portland, OR
In the Salad Bowl Cow - Madison, WI
Inanimate Animal - London, UK
Incognicow in Mexic - Mexico City
Incowgnito - Chicago, IL
Incredible Shrinking Kow - Portland, OR
Industrial Cow - Chicago, IL
Infecting the Mooovemen - Mexico City
Infinity Cow - Houston, TX
ING Cow - Atlanta, GA
Inkomo Yocinga - Soth Africa
Inspiraci˘ gastron•mica - Barcelona, Spain
Inspiratˇvna krava - Bratislava, Slovakia
Insuracow - Houston, TX
INTEGROVANA - Prague, Czech Republic
Intercomunivaca - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Inter-Continental. - Chicago, IL
International Kow - Portland, OR
Invisible Cow - Houston, TX
Io a Heifer, based on Constable and Jordaens - Portland, OR
Io Sono Mia - Monte Carlo
Io, Fille Du Fleuve . - Monte Carlo
IOM Moospapars - Isle of Man, UK
Ireland - Prague, Czech Republic
IRIS - Prague, Czech Republic
Irish Cow - West Hartford, CN
Islands - London, UK
Isto Nao ‚ Uma Vaca - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Italy - Prague, Czech Republic
It's a Bloomin' Cow! - West Hartford, CN
It's a Cowpuccino Morning - Houston, TX
It's a Smool World - Houston, TX
It's A Wonderful Life for a Cow - Houston, TX
It's itsy bitsy Time! - New York City, NY
It's Moo'dern Art Seaside Rock Candy - Manchester, UK
It's No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk - New York City, NY
It's Time to Moo - Denver, CO
It's Your Moove - Denver, CO
I've Looked at Cows From Both Sides Now - Kansas City, MO

I Love New York Cow - New York City

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