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Ha Pi Birthday - Monte Carlo
H blele Gina la parlanchin - Mexico City
Haiku - Stockholm, Sweden
Hald Fram - Telemart, Norway
Half & Half - Houston, TX
Half and Half - Madison, WI
Half and Half. - Chicago, IL
Hancock's Cow Pasture (State House Cow) - Boston, MA
Handled with Care - South Africa
Hands of Hope - Boston, MA
HANDsome - Chicago, IL
Handy Cow - Atlanta, GA
Happy Cow - Boston, MA
Happy Cow - Denver, CO
Happy Rainbow Cow - Bucharest, Romania
Harbor Park - New York City, NY
Harem in Heffer - New York City, NY
Harlequin Cow - London, UK
Harriet - Stamford, CN
Harris Cownty - Houston, TX
Harrisburg Construction ...on the Moove - Harrisburg, PA
Harrisburg's Moo-tini Bar - Harrisburg, PA
Harry Potter Cow - London, UK
Hartford Hospital Helicowpter - West Hartford, CT
Hathor - Atlanta, GA
Hathor - Kansas City, MO
Haute Cowisine - Ireland
Haute Cowture - Houston, TX
Have you Herd? - Stamford, CN
Having a Ball with Dancing Cowgirls - Madison, WI
Hawaiian Cow. - Chicago, IL
Hawthor - San Antonio, TX
Hay Market - Boston, MA
Head against the Wall - Bucharest, Romania
Healthy Moo - West Hartford, CT
Hearst Magazines. We Read America. - New York City, NY
Heart of New York - New York City, NY
Hearts and Hammooers - Houston, TX
HeartsField - Atlanta, GA
Heifer Nice Flight - Manchester, UK
Heifer Weizen - Portland, OR
Heifer-titi - Houston, TX
Helping Hands - Volunsteer Cowncil - Atlanta, GA
HEMENEX - Prague, Czech Republic
Henry Moo're - Manchester, UK
HEP Coward - Kansas City, MO
HEP Coward - New York City, NY
Her 1 - Harrisburg, PA
Her 2 (Too) - Harrisburg, PA
Heraldford - Auckland, NZ
Herd Instinct - Chicago, IL
Herd it Through the Grapevine - Kansas City, MO
Herd on the Avenue - New York City, NY
Herd on the Street I: Moola, the Cash Cow - New York City, NY
Herd on the Street III - New York City, NY
Herd on the Street III: Blue Moo-n - New York City, NY
Herds'n River School - New York City, NY
Here Comes the Sun - San Antonio, TX
Hereford atrevida - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hershey Bears Ice Milk & Biscuits - Harrisburg, PA
Hey Diddle Diddle - Boston, MA
Hey Diddle Diddle - Kansas City, MO
Hey-diddle-diddle - Chicago, IL
Hibiscow - Houston, TX
Hide and Seek - Auckland, NZ
Hide, Hide, The Cow's Inside - Kansas City, MO
High Cowrumble Bee - Boston, MA
High Five - Atlanta, GA
High Lactane - New York City, NY
High Steaks Poker - Kansas City, MO
Highland Cow - London, UK
Hill Country Cow - Houston, TX
Hillside How Now Cow - Atlanta, GA
Himno nacional argentino - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hip Hop - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hip Hop Mooosic - New York City, NY
Hi-tech krava - Bratislava, Slovakia
Hokejov  krava - Bratislava, Slovakia
Holando decontractŠ - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hole In One - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hole-stein - Kansas City, MO
Holey Cow - Stamford, CN
Holland on the Hoof - West Orange, NJ
Holly Cow! - Chicago, IL
Holsteen Cowlajuwan - Houston, TX
Holstein Parade - Madison, WI
Holy Cow - Enlightened - London, UK
Holy Cow - Kansas City, MO
Holy Cow - Madison, WI
Holy Cow - New York City, NY
Holy Cow! - New York City, NY
Holy Cow, Let's Play Ball - Houston, TX
Holy Cowburger in love - Florence, Italy
Holy Cowstruction - Harrisburg, PA
Holy Cowthedral - Houston, TX
Homage 1 - Stockholm, Sweden
Homage 2 - Stockholm, Sweden
Homage to Du Buffet - Portland, OR
Homage to Thomoos Hart Benton - Kansas City, MO
Home Is - Las Vegas, NV
Home on the Range - Atlanta, GA
Home on the Range - Las Vegas, NV
Homenaje a la vaca amarilla de Franz Marc - Buenos Aires, Argentina
HOMMAGE A CHRISTO - Prague, Czech Republic
Honda Challenge Cow - London, UK
HoneyBee Cowmb - Madison, WI
Hoofercraft - San Antonio, TX
Hoofin' Down Peachtree - Atlanta, GA
Hoofin' It - Atlanta, GA
Hoofin' It - Las Vegas, NV
Hook and Udder - New York City, NY
Hooves on the Moove - Manchester, UK
Hope Blossom - New York City, NY
Horn-o-copia - Houston, TX
Horns in the Sky - London, UK
Horror vacui - Barcelona, Spain
Hortensia la vaca urban - Mexico City
Hot Dog Stand Cow - New York City, NY
Hot Milk - Houston, TX
Hot Rod - New York City, NY
Hot Rod Heffer - Houston, TX
Hot Tips - New York City, NY
Hotrod Cow - London, UK
Housing - New York City, NY
Houston Chronicow - Houston, TX
Houston, My How You've Grown - Houston, TX
How Are You? - Chicago, IL
How now Brownie Cow - San Antonio, TX
How Now Green Cow - Houston, TX
How Now. - Chicago, IL
How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm? - New York City, NY
Howard Hooves - Las Vegas, NV
Hugh Heffer - Stamford, CN
Hugs and Smooches - New York City, NY
Hula Cow! - Denver, CO
Human Touch - Warsaw, Poland
Hungary - Prague, Czech Republic
Hyde Park Cow - London, UK
HYPER STAR SHINE - Prague, Czech Republic
Hypnotico - Mexico City

Holey Cow - Stamford, Ct

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